Can the BMR Change Over a Sustained Period of Bad Lifestyle?

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Although there is little evidence to support the idea that BMR changes during prolonged unhealthy lifestyle, some studies suggest that it does. However, these results do not contradict those in human studies, which showed modest reductions in BMR. Among these studies, Morio et al.’s field study on obese mice and rats, and Riou et al.’s results in humans, BMR was stable for the obese mice, while it decreased for the overweight controls.

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In both humans and rodents, studies have found that BMR decreases in response to a loss of body mass and increased physical activity. Both human studies and rodents have shown that BMR decreases during a sustained period of bad lifestyle. These changes are similar to those seen with intervention programs to promote exercise and weight loss. This may also influence BMR. In addition, increased body weight further augments the IR.

The BMR is a measurement of how much energy your body uses during physical activity. This rate varies, but it accounts for 50 to 80 percent of your daily energy use. During the day, your BMR rises to approximately 20 percent of your total energy expenditure. For example, you may experience a 30-minute increase in BMR after a large meal. The increase in BMR after eating may be as much as two or thirty percent, depending on the food you eat.

Researchers have shown that the BMR of Microchiroptera bats decreases when they begin flying. But other studies have failed to document this phenomenon. However, some researchers do note that induction of flight has an effect on BMR. In humans, flight induces lower BMR than resting metabolic rate. While the BMR may decrease after a prolonged period of bad lifestyle, it is still lower than that of healthy subjects.

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