How to Identify If a Website is Well-Designed

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How do you determine whether a website is well-designed? A few basic steps will help you determine if a website is well-designed. For example, the design of a webpage can impact the usability of the website. People with normal vision will find it difficult to read the light grey text on light backgrounds. However, people with visual impairments will have a difficult time reading such text.

A well-designed website should be easy to navigate, free of ambiguous elements. There should be a minimal number of unnecessary elements and components. For instance, use high-quality imagery and videos to enhance the appeal of a site. A study conducted by Hubspot indicated that 76% of visitors value ease of use, and that the design should adhere to the “Keep It Simple” principle.

Usability is another factor that determines the success of a website. 86% of website visitors want to find product and contact information on a website. Therefore, the design should make these items easy to find. If a website makes it difficult to find these items, users will leave and look elsewhere. Standard conventions will help you identify the format of the information that users are looking for. By following these guidelines, you can improve the usability of your website and attract more customers.

A website’s content must reflect the full range of products and services offered. Using only featured items will alienate users who want less-featured items. For example, a website with only commercial moves would put off people looking for movers for their homes. Although the content was relevant, the participants felt that the company did not value residential customers. The site was also confusing and difficult to navigate.

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