Is a Size 85 Deck Too Big For Skateboarders That Are Beginners?

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You can choose a skateboard in different sizes. But, if you are a beginner, you can’t go bigger than the 85 inch deck. There are certain dimensions that you must follow in order to ensure the safety of your feet. You should also check that most of your foot is on the board when you’re skating. If you can’t visit a skate shop, you can use an online deck comparison table. This table is only meant to serve as a guide and is applicable for street skating.

The KPC pro skater is an upgrade from the old version. Its high-quality maple construction guarantees durability against big tricks. It also has a steel axle and aluminum trucks. The board also has a smooth and modern feel to it. You can learn tricks easily with this skateboard. The wheels are made of 95A hardness and resist compression. The aluminum trucks ensure that your feet stay planted when you skate.

If you want to skateboard professionally, you should invest in a skateboard with a high-quality board. Beginners should consider buying used equipment. Try different brands and sizes. Always check the condition of the used equipment. Remember that learning a sport requires patience and time. Beginners are usually more likely to progress faster when they have a skating partner and a skateboard school. There are many boards and styles available.

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