What Do These 4 Behaviors Mean in Pet Pups or Dogs?

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Dogs have distinct personalities. Yet, some traits are shared by most dogs. While some dog traits amaze the human lot, a few other traits look very typical, but humans may not know what they mean. Sometimes we may go bonkers over their antics, and other times they may seem frustrating.

Knowing the pet pup or dog’s mood and psychology is essential to understanding where their behaviors are coming from. In cases of consistent negative behavior in pets, regular veterinarian consultation, therapy, and behavioral training sessions may be necessary. You may even find that the cause lies in illness or injury.

Get dog insurance that can help you provide your pet with superior medical care when they are sick or hurt. It is best to buy cheap dog insurance while your fur baby is still a pup that you can continue through adulthood to old age. It would be best to start early because your puppy is less likely to have developed medical conditions that won’t be covered when buying new pet health insurance.

Here we have decoded four common dog behaviors for dog owners’ benefit. Observe these characters in your dog and understand what they are telling you.


Frenetic Random Activity Periods are also known as “Zoomies” in the mundane world. These are energy outbursts your puppy or doggy can occasionally have. You may notice frantic, repetitive behavior like running around in circles. It is a natural pet response. Such actions are seen in pets when they are stressed, anxious, after a bath, and usually at dawn or dusk when they have high energy levels. Keep tabs on your pet, so you know it doesn’t have a more sinister underlying cause.

Play sneezes

When pets are allergic or suffer from a cold, they sneeze like humans. However, dogs sometimes sneeze to draw attention from the crowd, other pets, and humans. They sneeze to let the others know about their playful nature. Over a period, puppies or dogs learn that sneezing is a way of getting what they want from humans. However, you can’t rule out allergies. So, scheduling an appointment with the vet is essential to know the actual cause of sneezing if the condition continues over time.


Usually, pups or dogs yawn when exhausted and want some rest. But there can be a different interpretation of their constant yawns. A pet yawning is a potential indicator of stress and anxiety. In repeated cases, try analyzing the reasons for your puppy or dog’s yawns. Identify the stimulus causing apprehensions in your pet and remove it asap. If you aren’t able to figure it out, take the help of your vet to resolve the issue.

Showing belly

In usual cases, pets lying on their back and showing their bellies indicate a call for pet parents to give them some belly rubs. A pup or dog coming to you and exhibiting its belly can mean a vital sign of trust they have in you. If they show it to their puppy or dog mates, it is a submissive gesture during playtime. Overall, it means your pup or dog is in a happy place with happy people.

Many pet parents can identify with one or more of the above pet behaviors throughout their daily lives. If your pet pooch is stuck with a specific behavior for a long time, then maybe your pet needs expert help. Get dog insurance so your furry pet can avail vet visits, diagnosis, and treatment in case of particular medical conditions covered and in times of health emergencies. Buying cheap dog insurance is hassle-free with the online services pet insurers provide in current times. However, you need to know that most insurers don’t cover pet behavioral issues.

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