Can You Put Truck Tires on a Sedan?

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You may have asked yourself this question: Can you put truck tires on a sedan. Adding new tires to a vehicle is a good idea, but you also have to consider the effect they have on the vehicle’s handling and gas mileage. A sedan that is designed for a more aggressive driving style might also benefit from a set of truck tires. You’ll find that putting truck tires on a sedan can be a good idea as long as you maintain regular rotations.

First, the correct size of the new tires. Sedans typically have wheel diameters in the 40-45 range, while SUVs are closer to 60 inches. The size of the tire determines its load rating. Then, there’s the speed rating. You can put truck tires on a sedan, but you should make sure that the new tires are rated for the same speed as the old ones.

The size of the tires. Truck tires typically have deeper lug patterns than sedan tires. They also tend to be noisier than other types of tires. If you’re planning to use the vehicle off-road, you should buy truck tires that have enough sidewall protection to keep rocks and sticks out of the sidewalls. A sedan with a large tire size may look awkward and will not be safe in rough terrain.

MT (all-terrain) tires are ideal for rugged terrain. They are made with aggressive tread, which channels debris away from the car’s sidewalls. However, off-road tires are not suitable for highway cruising. They are noisy, and may be uncomfortable for the passengers. You’ll need to know that some of these tires have a limited tread life warranty, but most of them have warranties covering up to 70,000 miles or six years.

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