Do I Need Pet Insurance When Buying a Kitten?

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If you’re a first-time pet owner and wondering: Do I need pet insurance when buying a new kitten?, it’s a good idea to get a quote for the annual premiums of several different plans. Then, multiply the monthly premium by ten or twelve to get the total annual premiums. Some policies have a waiting period before they will cover certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia.

Before you purchase pet insurance for your kitten, you should know your coverage limits. The more comprehensive your coverage, the more expensive it will be. Accident-only policies are generally less expensive than those that cover both illnesses and accidents. However, if you’re worried that your new kitten will get sick or have an accident, you can opt for accident-only coverage instead. Accident-only insurance is typically cheaper than accident-and-illness plans, but there’s no reason to skip out on coverage if your kitten becomes sick.

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Most pet insurance companies require that new kittens be between six and eight weeks old before they’ll be covered. If your kitten is under this age, then you can enroll them in a standard cat insurance plan and get reimbursement for any veterinary bills. Keep in mind, however, that some kittens may be at higher risk of developing communicable diseases. Also, kittens that were born to a feral mother should be screened for feline-specific diseases.

If you’re an experienced pet owner, you probably already have some kind of pet insurance, and it will cover the veterinary costs associated with your new kitten. However, if you’re planning to buy a kitten, you’ll want to look into kitten insurance, as this will help you prevent expensive medical bills in the future. But, do remember: kittens are curious and prone to accidents. You should not take it for granted – a simple bowel obstruction surgery or a bad fall could put you and your pet in a dangerous situation.

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