How Far Can a Semi Truck Travel With a Popped Rear Tire?

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How far can a semi truck travel with a popped rear tire? The answer is surprisingly long. Semi trucks have 18 tires, which is a reasonable number given their strength and maneuverability. But if one tire is popped, it’s unlikely that the truck can make the rest of the journey. The following are some tips to keep in mind when driving a truck with a popped tire.

First of all, it’s crucial to be aware that the truck’s suspension system is compromised. If the rear suspension is compromised, the vehicle is unable to stop quickly or swerve to avoid accidents. It’s also much easier for a truck to slam into curbs and other obstacles when making sharp turns, which can be dangerous when driving near trees, light poles, and fire hydrants.

The next thing to check is the tire’s tread. A tire with fast wear on its outer tread could mean that the truck’s axle has failed or the suspension is malfunctioning. A flipped axle, on the other hand, can mean that the axle has bent parts. If this occurs, the truck is at risk of rolling over, which can cause catastrophic injuries. Fortunately, 80% of tire blowouts can be prevented.

In addition to a blown rear tire, broken leaf springs, and a popped front tire are also common problems. When the springs are broken, the truck can still drive a short distance on familiar roads. It can also travel a long distance at slow speeds while traveling on a gravel driveway. As long as there is no traffic, this is enough time to get to the auto shop.

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