How to Use the Pro Camera on a Samsung Galaxy S21

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with a professional camera. Its cameras are enhanced to take pictures in dim lighting. In fact, the camera can capture more light and can even take pictures that are up to 100x digitally zoomed. To use the Samsung Galaxy S21’s pro camera, open the camera app and tap More. Tap the Night mode and you’ll be able to take photos in the dark that are clearer than ever. You can toggle this feature on or off.

The Pro camera on the Samsung Galaxy S21 is located on the back of the device. You can control its settings from the camera menu by pressing and holding the camera button. The S Pen works like a stylus and can be used for writing notes and editing videos with the Samsung S21 camera app. Similarly, you can control the volume using the home button. If you use the pro camera, you should make sure that the volume button is turned off.

Once you have switched to the Pro mode, you can also control the settings of the different lenses. The settings are also easy to change. There are sliders under each option that allow you to change the focus, exposure, and white balance. You can also use the plus-minus symbol to adjust the exposure of the photo. Once you are happy with the exposure, you can press the shutter button to start shooting.

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