What are the Benefits of Sex Wax?

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Surfing is quite a challenging water sport. If you surf, then you know what challenges surfers face. One of the essential tasks is using sex wax on the surfboard. Wax is vital for surfers as it helps keep their board ready. Why is wax needed at all? It can be a very big question. The reason is that wax creates friction between the board and the feet of the surfer. If the surfer uses the body, wax creates friction between the body and the surfboard. Friction is a key element in this sport. Otherwise, the surfer will lose grip and fall into the water. The wax prevents mishaps. In case you use a surfboard in water just for lying, then also it helps you to maintain a hold.

Using wax on the board is not something new. It has been done for ages. To prevent any slippery area, wax helps. But multiple types of surf waxes are available in the market. To choose the best wax, you need to understand your board. Your needs and your frequency of going in the water are other determinants. Once you learn about the best wax. The next stage is to learn how to apply it. In this post, you will get an insight into surf wax, its benefits, and the multiple types of waxes available in the market.

Benefits of Sex wax

There are so many benefits of using sex wax on your surfboard. For beginners who are trying to learn surfing, waxing will help them maintain a better grip. Moreover, the body-to-board and board-to-water grip are essential elements in surfing. Waxing helps in maintaining both. When you get tired and lie on the board to paddle, wax helps maintain that paddling grip. So, waxing the board at the proper times is very important. Experts also need to have this wax to surf well. So, the benefits of waxing are for both beginners as well as experts.

Types of Surf Wax

There are several waxes in the market. But every surfer must have two main things: base coat wax and top coat wax. Both of them have different uses and advantages. Both have to be applied on the board to make it better. Surfers often do not understand the difference between sticky and good wax. This is what hampers the experience of the person. It is essential to understand what traditional good wax and sticky wax mean.

  • Traditional good wax

Traditional wax contains both topcoat wax and base coat wax properties. It is usually the top choice of surfers and the most used option. But the time taken by this wax to settle on the board is comparatively more.

  • Sticky wax

Sticky wax is much faster than traditional wax when it comes to drying. It is much more effective than other types of wax. But the overall efficiency and mobility of the board might decrease. So, when you use the sticky wax, please make sure to use it only on the place where you put both your feet on the board.


Using wax on the surfboard is an ancient technique and is well tested. For beginners and experts, this technique is essential to maintain balance in the sea. Otherwise, you do not want to end up falling into the sea or breaking your board into pieces. By applying sex wax, you will learn surfing gradually and become an expert in this amazing water sport. In countries close to the seas and beaches people like surfing. So, you might have to learn how to surf. Start now and enjoy.

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